Chatpatta chaat, late nights and sweet indulgences—though these might be very prominent members on the ‘a few of our favourite things’ chart, this season we’ve dumped them out the window. No one wants to deal with a runny nose, congested sinuses and a throbbing migraine this time of the year. So to make sure you don’t fall victim to rainy season blues, make these fabulous adjustments to your lifestyle and the road to strong immunity will be yours for the taking.

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Inhaling with essential oils

Nothing will clear your sinuses better that taking in a steam and to max the relaxation, add in a couple of droplets of your favourite essential oil—rose, tangerine and cardamom or lemongrass. This way, you’ll be relaxing your entire body and the minerals in the essential oils will strengthen your immune system in more ways than one. A total stress buster with benefits to write home about!

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Wheatgrass juice

A potent detoxifier, rich in enzymes, antioxidants and proteins—wheat grass juice will clear your skin (not to mention, it will ward off skin disorders during the monsoon), reduce body odour and boost your immunity like none other.

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Soak up sunshine

Soak in as much sunshine as you can! Vitamin D, which can only be naturally attained through exposure to sunlight, is crucial for maintaining a strong immune system. So whether that means a jog in the morning or a yoga asana on the terrace, a little bit of sunlight will promise you big returns this flu season.

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Garlic bulbs

Don’t let the pungent smell of garlic deter you this monsoon. A quick brush and mouthwash rinse can easily fix that and in the bargain, you won’t fall sick! Garlic truly is a superstar. Raw garlic contains allicin, sulphur compounds and a plethora of other health boosters, which have strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. So, if you’re brave enough, take it raw – otherwise you can always crush a clove of garlic, drench it with honey and go for it. And, if you’re really cringing at the thought of raw garlic, whip it up in scrambled eggs or smear it over toast with butter and cheese.

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Bath Salts

Aromatherapy defends your body against common colds, flu and pain. In addition, basking in a bath with salts will not only give your body that boost of immunity but will also give you emotional support by relaxing your body, moisturising your skin and fortifying your immune system.

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Stretch your way to good health

Stretch out and move your lymphs. Jump rope for a few minutes, do some arm rotations and stretch out. Lymph movement is crucial to immunity and even though this is probably the last thing you want to do while you’re feeling under the weather, you’ll notice the difference to your health almost instantaneously.