BeBEAUTIFUL brings you some rather lovely news. New research finds that even water tastes sweeter when you’re in love! Read on to find out more about this sweet-as-love phenomenon.
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Not every emotion translates  seamlessly to our taste-buds; anger doesn’t cause us to find things spicier and jealously doesn’t provoke us to find things more bitter.  However, love does! Love alters our sensory perceptions to the point that you can “literally feel it in your bones.”

Researchers claim that the linkage of love with the physical experience of sweetness may go back to infancy as babies associate milk or formula with their mother’s love. This  only goes to show how strongly cemented the feeling of love, compassion and acceptance can truly get. 

So, this season—if you find yourself in love—with either a partner, spouse, lover or friend—there’s a whole lot of sweetness that you can expect to come your way, and  that is not something to be taken lightly. Love can truly brighten up your life, and make all aspects of it much, much sweeter. And  who knows where all that sweetness can take you and how it can affect the people you interact with, lover or not. 

So, go on girls,  fall in love and make your world sweeter one kiss at a time!

Research excerpts: Kai Qin Chan & Colleagues, Radbound University, Nijmegen, Netherlands.