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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanSep 29, 2016
We all take ample care of our facial skin. We cleanse, we tone, we moisturise, we scrub and much more. And we look good doing that. We sometimes look even younger than what we really are. But take a closer look. There are certain parts of your body that are a clear giveaway of your age. Well, we have nothing against looking your age, but looking a certain way because of negligence and sheer laziness, now that just does not sit well in our books. Here’s a list of body parts to focus on and what to do about it.
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Your Neck

Why, just why, do we stop short of treating our neck the same way that we treat our face? Now, there’s no need to go out and buy special neck toning creams. Simply use the same products on your neck as you do your face. Wash, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise your neck every single time you touch your face.

LRT Recommends: Try some neck yoga exercises as well for added toning of the skin.

Your Elbows

Have you ever stopped to look at your elbows? Come on, give it a try. Head on to the mirror to see them in their unstretched glory and you will immediately want to do something about them. A highly recommended method is to scrub your elbows when in the shower, with a brush, the same one you would probably use on your nails. And after your shower, add an additional dollop of cream (preferably shea or oil) to your elbows to soften them up.

Your Knees

Your knees bear the brunt of ageing even more than your elbows do – what with the constant damage they get right from infancy, when we learn how to crawl to the many times we’ve fallen over in our childhood to the constant grazing of our garments and the exposure of our legs to the sun. Pay special attention to your knees. Aside from exercise that will tighten the loose skin around the area, be sure to scrub your knees like you would do your elbows.

LRT Recommends: Try a homemade mix of gram flour and lemon to lighten knees. Olive oil - known to have natural bleaching properties - is also known to be beneficial in lightening dark knees.

Your Hands and Feet

Your hands and your feet lose elasticity over time and the skin begins to look loose. It is very, very important to pay attention to these key areas. A fortnightly manicure and pedicure, focusing on a massage comes highly recommended. On a daily basis, make sure you use a hand cream as often as possible. Washing your hands dries them up and so you need to make sure you moisturise them frequently. Again, you don’t need to buy special foot lotion. Just use your hand cream or any regular cream will do the trick. Opt for a fortnightly or once a month foot massage.

LRT Recommends: Apply a foot mask at night and sleep in socks. Do this whenever possible.

Stay stylish…. Stay beautiful…….


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