Have you ever considered ditching your hand wash and body wash for soap? We all love our cocoa butter, shea butter, almond and coconut scented washes and they make us feel wonderful in the shower. But have you stopped to consider post that, what effect does all of it have on the environment? This is not an article touting the virtues of soap against body washes, but merely an article to get you thinking of various ways to save the planet – one plastic bottle at a time.
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Ponder this: A bottle of plastic in a landfill could take upto a 1000 years or more to decompose. Added to that, many of the bottles land up in the ocean, break down into pieces and are eaten by the birds and the fish who cannot digest these substances, thus leading to their deaths.

You may now think that you do not use a large quantity of hand washes and body washes. But even if you use just one hand wash and one body wash every two months, you still use 24 bottles a year. Now, multiply that by a billion people and you will understand the magnanimity of the situation.

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Natural soaps on the other hand, use packaging that is most likely to be made up of recycled paper, or involve the use of very mimimal plastic. And nowadays, natural soaps can compete one-on-one with hand washes and body washes. Very aesthetically packed, all natural and with wonderful combinations of scents and ingredients, natural soaps pack a punch in the beauty department.

And, the defining factor: You will be reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit to save the planet – one bottle at a time.


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