The A To Z Of Caring For Your Clothes This Monsoon

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 17, 2018
Sure, we’re happy about the arrival of the monsoons but what’s also true is the fact that this is the time when the humidity brings with it some unwanted bacteria that can settle on your clothes and leave them with a typically “monsoon” odour. Worried? Well, here’s how you can save your clothes from getting damaged this season.

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Rely on neem leaves

Neem leaves have anti-pest and anti-fungal properties. Since they’re a natural pesticide, dried neem leaves when placed in your wardrobe, can prevent insects and bacteria from eating and ruining your clothes.

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Opt for camphor

Insects find their way through the smallest of corners and easily creep into your cupboard during the monsoons. Camphor balls absorb moisture and will ensure that there’s no room for insects in your wardrobe. This will help keep your clothes clean during the wet season.

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No damp clothes in cupboard

There are times when we’re rather lazy and happen to keep our semi-wet clothes in the cupboard little realising that this can spell doom for not just them but other garments too! Damp areas are like a recreational park insects and soon enough you’ll notice a whole chunk of your wardrobe is in trouble.

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Place a low voltage bulb in the wardrobe

A simple and easy trick—install a low-voltage bulb in your cupboard during the monsoons. This could be beneficial as the bulb will help generate mild heat and keep all the bacteria away from your clothes.

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