There’s no escaping it, it comes, it causes havoc and then when you least expect it, it seeps away. There’s no denying that stress is a prominent part of our lives, and we can hardly control its whereabouts. So, instead of succumbing to unhealthy habits in your attempt to deal with stress, BeBEAUTIFUL gives you the ultimate stress-busters so you stay as cool as a cucumber!
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Avoid alcohol, dairy and sugar products during your time of stress. Instead, eat foods that decrease inflammation and calm the nervous system. Multicoloured veggies will ensure you get your nutrients while keeping you calm and composed.

Getting some fresh air will help you release stress hormones, so if you’re stressed at work, take out fifteen minutes to just walk around outside with a friend. You’ll get both your daily dose of frivolous chatter along with some fresh oxygen.

When we are stressed out, we are often focused in our mind-set. Step out of this negative thought process and think about something else. Switch gears and remind yourself about  what’s working, what’s progressing and all that’s going good for you right now. Looking at the whole picture with a positive frame of mind will help you deal with stress best.

Surround yourself with the fragrance of positivity and happiness. Keep your favourite scent handy, whether that’s your most loved  perfume or body mist, incense, candle burner or air-freshener. As soon as you sense stress creeping up, spray it and be aromatically energized until you feel calm and composed. Just a few sniffs of this magic stuff (we’re suckers for a rose and mandarin concoction) will provide you with instant relaxation.