Belly dancer Namrata Randhawa, talks about the benefits of belly dancing on the mind, soul and body.
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Dancer-turned-instructor, the 22-year-old Namrata Randhawa, says that belly dancing boosted her self-confidence, helped her carry herself with aplomb and strengthened and toned up her core.

What inspired you to try your hand at belly dancing?
Shakira was a huge inspiration. I always marvelled at how beautifully she moves. Before enrolling in a belly dancing class, I used to try her moves in front of a mirror but I never looked as sensual as she did. I wanted to move exactly like her and for that, I knew I had to nail the technique.

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How has your experience been with the art form?
Belly dancing requires you to maintain an upright posture and that gives you a lot of self-confidence. When I started dancing, I began to fall in love with my body. I caught myself dancing in front of the mirror and I started to feel beautiful. As I moved to the beats, I felt a rush of positivity and it helped me carry myself better. I’ve never felt more feminine.

What do you love most about belly dancing?
I love the music. I love that you need to use your entire body and I was amazed to see my body move like I never knew it could before. When I started belly dancing, it was the only time I truly felt sexy, and once I became an instructor I only felt it more.

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Did you notice a difference in your body after starting to belly dance?
Yes, definitely! Belly dancing has a lot of health benefits. It helps strengthen the core of your body and tones up your calves, hips, arms and belly, and because of the posture you have to maintain, it also eliminates any knee or back pain you might have.

Would you recommend belly dancing to others who are looking for alternative ways to stay fit?
Absolutely! In the Middle East, belly dancing is commonly practiced among pregnant women as it eases the delivery process. Belly dancing is all a woman needs to feel sensuous and fit. And within a very short time-span you’ll notice the difference to your body.