Let’s face it—we’re addicted to our gadgets. We wake up in the morning to switch off our cell phone alarm which then is followed, in quick succession, by checking all the updates we missed on Twitter or Instagram. Once we’re at our desks in office, the constant flow of emails is attended to with occasional breaks on Facebook. Finally when we’re winding down in the evening, we’ve plugged in our earphones to listen to music and streaming Netflix for our tv show binge.

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All in all, we spend our entire days being plugged in to our devices, without even realising. Our obsession with always being online can actually affect our mental and physical health, by making us anxious, pressured and stressed. Besides going digital in times of necessity, there’s so much to see and do beyond our gadgets; which is why we were glad to hear about the digital detox.

Just as any beauty tip suggests a detox to cleanses your system of impurities, the digital detox does the same for that twinge you feel when you haven’t checked Instagram for an hour. It tones down your unhealthy ties to the online world and help you keep it in check, which we’re showing you a few tips on how to achieve it

Allot a tech-free time

Take a slot out of your day and make it completely tech-free. This will enable you to focus more on your task at hand and complete it quicker. You can try keeping your phone away when you sit for lunch and instead pick up a magazine. You’ll learn to savour what you are eating while gaining some knowledge from it.


Disable notifications

Disable notifications

Notifications from a variety of mobile apps, whether they are for a flash sale or a new comment, can be a distraction. Which is exactly why you should disable notifications from unneeded apps and only keep them on for the ones you really need like email and messaging. This will make sure to get your attention only when it is necessary.

Assign the boundaries for a no-tech zone

Certain rooms have a designated purpose behind them, whether for sleeping or bathing so make sure you stick to what was intended for that room. Take your bedroom, for instance, and make it a no-tech zone. So when it comes to checking email and scrolling through Instagram, keep that outside the walls of your bedroom as you save your time inside for reading a book and catching up on your beauty sleep.


Use objects that your phone has replaced

Use objects that your phone has replaced

Instead of using an alarm app on your mobile, use a digital alarm clock. Instead of a notepad app, use a notebook with paper and pen. Instead of a fitness app, strap on a pedometer. While the smartphone is a modern day marvel that has replaced many everyday items, revert to using the items that they have replaced and you will find your reliance on your phone considerably less.

Designate a phone time

Rather than spending every 15 minutes going through your Twitter timeline, schedule one time when you allow yourself to log in, browse and then log out. An integral part of a detox is moderation which helps set habits in stone. So when you start learning that there is a particular time for using the internet and a time without it, you will start functioning more efficiently.

Image Credits: Huffington Post, Rack