10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Librans

Written by Mallika SetalvadSep 26, 2018
10 surprising things you didn't know about Librans
All of you who have Librans in your life know how kind, gentle and harmonious they can be. If you’re a Libran yourself then you know just how one-of-a-kind you are. But since this is their month, let’s dig a little deeper and uncover some Libran traits that will leave you surprised, and perhaps help you get to know someone/ or yourself a whole lot better!

The ultimate romantic

  • Justice-seekers

    As we know from their symbol, Librans are all about what’s right and just in the world. They are most happy with that fine balance, equilibrium and above all, justice. Librans are not forgiving of unfair situations and they will fight tirelessly to bring a little more equality in our world.
  • Confrontation is not an option

    Librans love their peace and quiet. They dislike confronting people and are scared to start an argument. Avoidance and ‘head in the sand’ are their go-to strategies a little too often.
  • A real sixth sense

    All humans are blessed with a sense of intuition but Librans have an extra dose of it. Annoyingly, they are almost always right! So when a Libran tells you there is something fishy, you don’t want to ignore it.

The ultimate romantic

  • Flirty and furtive

    Librans are great flirts! And not because they have commitment issues but because that’s just how they’re wired. They love socializing and a bit of harmless flirting just comes to them naturally.
  • So diplo

    Librans never really hurt anybody intentionally. They always try to balance out a situation by pointing out strengths first and then the flaws. Tactful and diplomatic always.
  • Fancy divas

    Even though they hate to admit it, Librans love that touch of luxury. You might miss this as they are so humble and considerate, but surprise them with something fancy and watch them squeal with joy!

The ultimate romantic

  • The ultimate romantic

    Romance is actually every Libran’s middle name. Just the way flirting comes naturally to them, so does the romance. They can plan amazing surprises for their partner without really putting in a lot of energy or thought, and leave everyone in surprise and awe.
  • Not on my ownsome

    Librans are so inherently romantic and social, they simply hate being alone. They are greatly dependent upon the people around them. In case they are not surrounded by people, they will somehow figure a way to make sure they can get some company.
  • Quality not quantity

    Despite their social tendencies, Librans still prefer a few good friends to a roomful of random peeps. They do end up attracting many with their natural charm, but they secretly prefer a more private affair.
  • Always on

    When a Libran is silent, they are either over thinking, tired of waiting, falling apart, crying inside, or all of the above. They rarely tune out and can give their mind a rest. So don’t be fooled in case they suddenly go MIA.

    So now you can look at those Librans like you understand them a tad better, or if you’re a Libran yourself then know that now your secrets are out!

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