3 Gadgets Every Working Girl Needs In Her Bag

Written by Team BBSep 09, 2016
We all have busy schedules and are often pressed for time. But technology makes life so much simpler. Having the right gadgets in our work bag can solve so many problems. Want to know which ones you ought to have? BeBEAUTIFUL gives you a low-down.

pend drive perfect solution to keep important work data 600x400

Power bank

We’re in such a hurry that we often forget to charge our phones and just when we have to head out for an important meeting, our battery gives way. Important calls and messages are missed and the stress of it all ends up in a bad day. If you want to avoid this, just carry a power bank in your work bag that’ll save you from getting worked up in such situations.

We recommend:  The iTek 7800 mAh powerbank that comes with two ports and can charge for phone for three cycles.

pend drive perfect solution to keep important work data 600x400


It is often seen that a person’s productivity at work increases while listening to music. In fact, some employees swear by the fact that music increases their concentration. Even if you aren’t the kind who can work with music on, a short break of listening to some music with earphones can be rather relaxing. Or even better, what about those e-books or even podcasts? So girls, next time you feel like you’ve been doing the same task throughout the day, having earphones in your bag could give you a good music break.

We recommend: We swear by our Apple earphones that come with the iPhone but if you must buy new ones we recommend any from Sennheiser.

pend drive perfect solution to keep important work data 600x400

Pen drive

While a hard drive is the perfect solution to storing all your important work, carrying a pen drive in your bag is an easy and lighter replacement to that. Ensure that you carry this gadget at all times because you never know when you will need to store transfer important heavy files and carry them home for further work purpose.  In addition, make sure you have a HDD of your own at home at all times and take a backup of your work at regular intervals. This is especially useful if you’re in the creative field.

We recommend: These super cute penguin, ninja or superhero flash drives from Propshop online.

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