The 4 Best Photo Editing Apps For Instagram To Guarantee Those Hearts

Written by Vidhi GandhiApr 03, 2015
Are you one of those Insta-addicts who spend way too much time editing your photos before you put them up? Then this story’s for you! We rounded up the 4 best photo editing apps that’ll save you a lot of time while gathering all those hearts for your Instagram account. Get downloading ASAP…

best photo editing apps afterlight 430x550


A pro selfie editing app, it allows you to entirely transform your face with its skin correction and filter tools. Not only you can achieve a flawless complexion with this one but also make yourself appear thinner with its advanced features.

Free app available on Android and iOS.

best photo editing apps afterlight 430x550


Want your Instagram to look like a piece of art? The app with its collage maker allows you to showcase multiple photos at once while its powerful image editors such as brush filters, text tool and shape masks beautify photos giving them a professional touch.

Free app available on Android and iOS.

best photo editing apps afterlight 430x550


We bet you will get glued to the filters (Grunge and Retrolux are our favourites) Snapseed has to offer. An app so easy to use, you just have to select manual tuning and swipe upwards or downwards on the picture to select filters and adjust brightness and contrast. A great choice for #instafood posts!

Free app available on Android, iOS and iPad.

best photo editing apps afterlight 430x550


Variety of frames and a wealth of tools right from basic edits to advanced crop and filters make you spoilt for choice. If you are one of those who love to capture glimpses of nature and other pretty things around then this is the app you should surely have on your phone.

₹59; Available on Android and iOS.

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