We’re all busy working round-the-clock that we end up having little time for ourselves. As much as it’s important to excel at work, it’s just as necessary to strike the right balance between and work and life. Want to know some simple ways in which you can attain that? Read on…

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Make time for exercise

We’re invariably giving office stress and work load as an excuse to not work out. But have you ever given this a thought – you’re probably slowing down and feeling drained because there’s hardly any movement in your body? Working out boosts your energy levels and ensures you have a fresh mind, which will make you work much faster than you usually do. Trust us, girls this one will speed up your work to a great extent.

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Make a to-do-list

At the start of the day, if you make note of the things you need to do, you can drive yourself towards those goals. This will ensure you work faster and know exactly what you have to do without wasting any time and in turn, you get to leave work on time without procrastinating. Sounds easy, right?

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Assign time for yourself

It so happens that we’re so fatigued by the end of the day that we forget to make time for ourselves. Pursue a hobby like baking, ensure you socialise with friends because that’ll keep you happy, hit the salon for spas or even something as simple as taking shopping trips can lower stress levels and make you feel fresh when you go back to work.

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Time yourself

If you actually set time limits for various tasks at work, you will notice that work will happen faster leaving you with more time for yourself as opposed to you spending hours doing the same task – something you could’ve completed long ago. So set time limits and work better.