5 Daily Ways To Reduce Stress

Written by Chandni GhoshNov 29, 2016
We all feel stressed—be it due to deadlines, personal relationships or even family issues. While we are bound to get affected by these problems, we can certainly find ways to reduce or combat stress by incorporating some changes in our daily routine. Here’s listing some of them...

Work smart

Sleep well

Sure, a demanding boss can be tough to please. But working late is hardly the solution. What you really need is time management skills. Working smart rather than burning the midnight oil is the only route to beat work-related stress. So make those to-do lists, keep time limits for each task, ask what’s on priority instead of taking on more than required.


Don’t forget me time

Sleep well

Work deadlines and family affairs can take up a lot of our time. But don’t forget that you deserve to spend some time with yourself doing things that make you happy. Adult colouring books are one way to beat stress and give you mental clarity. But other than that—make sure you do one thing during the day that genuinely uplifts your mood—be it cooking a quick meal or ranting to a friend.


Make time for <a href="/lifestyle/health-and-fitness/5-reasons-to-not-skip-your-exercise-routine-during-the-winters">exercise</a>

Sleep well

Working out is known to clear your thoughts and reduce mental stress. So make time, even if it’s as little as 20 minutes to exercise. Sign up for zumba if you find a gym or yoga session to boring. But remember to get moving if you really want to clear your head.


Rely on music

Sleep well

Nothing relieves stress like listening to music. This is because music is known to trigger biochemical stress reducers and keep your mind clear and heart happy. Certain kind of music can even keep a check on your heart rate.


Sleep well

Sleep well

Sleep allows our bodies and brains to get recharged. If we do not get the sleep our body requires, it leads to muscle and memory concerns. This is why you often feel lethargic, restless and stressed when you don’t sleep enough. Precisely why you need to ensure you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

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