Want to spice up your relationship? Why not make a fun bucket list with your partner! Ditch the same old boring options and opt for fun ideas like enjoying a spa experience together or even taking off on a road trip. Want to know more on this? Take a look as we present to you the couple’s bucket list.

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Have a unique dining experience

As couples, we’ve already done countless regular lunches and dinners. We suggest you look for restaurants offering a unique ambience that’ll serve as the perfect romantic setting for you two. This might require some research but it’s totally worth the effort. Look for locations like tree top dinners or even a fancy beach dining joint will serve the purpose.

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Take a road trip

Long conversations, stopovers at cute food joints and a memorable journey – road trips with your partner are a whole lot of fun. If you’re good at planning, choose a mix of music for the journey that’ll add to your joy. So hurry up, pack your bags and get ready for one unforgettable journey with your loved one.

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Write love letters for a week

There’s nothing more romantic than finding a love letter from your partner. We know it takes some effort but some old school romance is sure to bring a smile to your face. So if you’re smitten with each other, take up the challenge of writing a short love note for a week to one another. Say things you never said but always wanted to, say things that will make them feel important and say things that you truly mean!

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Sing a karaoke duet

Think you’re tired of doing the dinners and movies as a couple? Go for a karaoke night! Singing your favourite numbers at karaoke night is not just fun but will also be one of your best memories together. We’re certain the crowd’s going to go aww on you guys!

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Couple spa

If you’ve both had a tiring week at work, take a break by way of a couple spa. After all, what can be more amazing than lying next to one another having a time de-stressing with a magical massage!