5 Signs You’re Working At A Toxic Workplace

Written by Shreya ContractorJun 16, 2017
5 signs you’re working at a toxic workplace
You may love your job and wouldn't mind putting in extra effort to really live up to it. But, if you constantly find that spirit of yours being drained due to external circumstances and people, then chances are your workplace isn't the healthiest after all, and may in fact be quite toxic.

We'd written about toxic people to avoid having in your life, now this one's about toxic workplaces that are just as stealthy. Read on to spot the signs.

gossiping is sign of toxic workplace

  • Sign #1: Office politics
  • Politics of any sort isn’t really news, it happens everywhere—at least that’s what the common opinion is. But when it gets too far and favouritism starts to surface, that’s when your workplace starts to become toxic. Because why would you want to work at an organization where your efforts get overshadowed by other employees simply because they’ve been there for longer and/or probably also bond better.

gossiping is sign of toxic workplace

  • Sign #2: Bad bosses
  • These aren’t uncommon either. They’re the kinds that are blinded by pride and ego, such that they presume they’re better at everything (thus stagnating their own growth). Their tendency to control and micromanage tasks that aren’t theirs to manage only personifies this further. There’s a reason why they like to be called bosses, because they could never be good leaders.

gossiping is sign of toxic workplace

  • Sign #3: Condescension
  • Basically, putting people down. If you work at an organization where your co workers constantly try to show you down, either by belittling, or worse, bullying you, then this isn’t just a sign of a toxic workplace but one that’s also reportable to the HR. They may have home ground advantage over you if you’re a newbie, but that’s never reason for being condescending.

gossiping is sign of toxic workplace

  • Sign #4: Abuse of power
  • This is a scenario that takes place when someone newly gets promoted and tries to abuse their authority. Think of them as the ‘nouveau riche’ at work. Sure, you could cut them some slack if they were probably only overwhelmed with the increased responsibility. But if not, and they're simply trying to display their power and making you do things because they can, then that's unacceptable.

gossiping is sign of toxic workplace

  • Sign #5: Gossiping
  • Ah yes, let's throw some light on the ‘mean girls’ at your workplace, who grew older but never really grew up. If you constantly find yourself feeling drained and stressed out due to all the negative energy around you, this is where it's coming from. The best you can do is avoid being involved in gossip talks, or avoid them altogether. But eventually, that will only fuel to the toxicity of your workplace.

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