5 Things A Young Professional Should Never Do On Social Media

Written by Vidhi GandhiOct 05, 2016
The digital world allows us a ton of platforms to express ourselves but once in a while you might perform the Social Media faux pax your mom would have warned you about had she known about Social Media in the first place. As a young working professional you should limit the kind of content you share on your social platforms to ensure you maintain healthy relationships at work. Here are the most common Social Media mistakes all rookies commit…

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Complaining about your workplace, coworkers or boss

Even a simple text update or picture like “Bored at work” or “Need a desperate change in life” could make your boss think that you are complaining and not sure about your future in the company. Moreover, it is a bad way to brand yourself in the industry as it gives an impression of you as a not-so-ambitious and confused about where you’d like to be.

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Aggressive networking

Use social media wisely. LinkedIn and Twitter are great networks to start a conversation with people in your industry. But don’t beg for a job or express your need for a job change!

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Posting #partying pictures

A fun casual picture with you partying with your friends is fine. Things get worse when you post drunk selfies or a picture with drinks. And you’re bound to run into trouble especially if it’s a work day and you show up at work nursing a major hangover.

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Participating in a controversial subject

Avoid participating and being a part of groups based on religion, race and politics. Your opinion could get offensive and could be a huge turn-off to your boss and colleagues. Most importantly, it could lead you in trouble at work especially if it’s a religion based issue.

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Sharing personal content

Complaining about your spouse gives a rather bad impression universally. Keep relationship issues off social media and let your timeline throw up things people might genuinely be interested in knowing.

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