5 Things To Not Do With Your Best Friend That Could Ruin Your Friendship

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 18, 2018
5 things to not do with your best friend that could ruin your friendship
We already know the girl code of not dating each other's exes or spilling secrets that were only ours to keep. These are things that could legit ruin friendships, with little regard for how long the two of you have been together. But these aren't the only things for there's so much more you could be doing, knowingly and unknowingly, that could ruin your friendship. Here are a few things you might wanna keep a tab on!

Don’t move in together

Don’t make her your boyfriend

Sharing everything from clothes to toiletries to even the same bed during sleepovers might have given you the false notion of moving in together, because nothing like it, right? Wrong. Too much of anything isn't good for anyone, and chances are you’ll just saturate of each other.


Don’t work at the same place

Don’t make her your boyfriend

She might put up with your bad days because she loves you, but not at your workplace. There, she's as much of a work colleague as anyone else, so having any unrealistic expectations based on your prior friendship with her would only lead to disappointment. Also, things could get awkward if you one of you outperforms the other. So best to avoid it!


Don’t get possessive about her

Don’t make her your boyfriend

We get that you love your best friend and she's the only one for you, but don't always expect her to reciprocate for she might have other friends too. Doesn't make her any bad, she's probably just an extrovert. But it’s when you fail to understand this and get territorial instead by comparing friendships that you start to lose her. Because she can manage well, but it’s you that can’t trust her.


Don’t be too demanding

Don’t make her your boyfriend

Again, you are best friends and she does prioritise you, but don’t be a hog and take up all her time. She has other priorities too, like work and family. She’d never fail you if you truly needed her but making demands of her unnecessarily because you know she’ll show up isn’t cool. Please cut her some slack, else she’ll burn out.


Don’t make her your boyfriend

Don’t make her your boyfriend

You may have gone through a bad breakup and she may have been there for you through it all, but don’t make a habit out of it. She isn’t your rebound. She has a life too, so don’t expect her to come over anytime you call and/or shower you with random compliments. No. She’s your best friend, not your boyfriend.

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