We detest Mondays, don’t we? The idea of waking up for work after a weekend full of fun seems to be dreaded by all of us. But the good news here is that you can totally win over Mondays with these easy hacks. Want to know what they are? BeBEAUTIFUL gives you a low-down.

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Plan your week

We know this might take some effort but a little planning never hurt anybody. In fact, it’s the best way to ensure that you adhere to work deadlines, be there for a friend’s dinner or make time out for that much-needed shopping trip. So make notes of work plans, family outings and set dates for just about everything you need to do through the week. Life is going to be so much simpler, we assure you!

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Wear a cheery outfit

Start your week by wearing a pretty dress to work. Sport something that makes you feel confident and happy. Oh and with all the compliments coming your way, you’re bound to forget those Monday blues!

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Carry an exciting tiffin

Food has the ability to instantly uplift your mood. The best way to fight Monday blues is by packing a fun dabba to work. Seeing your favourite meal while you’re dealing with Monday will have you elated.

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Plan a fun evening post work

We know that café/bars don’t have much happening on Mondays. But planning a dinner or an ice-cream drive (for those who finish work late) can be so exciting. Besides, having post work plans with friends or family can be something to look forward to on a dull work day.