With our most coveted event of the year just two days away , we’re putting together ways and means to make surviving the hectic 5 day affair a cakewalk. Right from clothes and accessories to food and networking, we’ve got you covered to make the experience more fun than stressful and make the most of the glamorous event.

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Eat healthy

The best way to crave for sugary foods and keep acidity at bay? A banana! It contains calcium, potassium, protein and Vitamin C which ensures healthy skin and less hunger pangs. During the course of the day make a point to carry a handful of nuts and munch on them between shows.  Most importantly, drink lots of water and eat lunch and dinner on time to keep up your energy.

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Pack your bag neat

Do not clutter your bag with way too many items. Your phone, not more than 4 items of makeup, a napkin and a pack of band-aids should be kept handy. Avoid bags that are way too small or too big. Choose a chic one with compartments that fits in all your essentials and makes your life easier.

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Dress strategically

The weather is always a problem for August shows; sometimes it’s raining and sometimes it’s too hot. Plan your outfits keeping in mind the weather by going for lightweight fabrics and cool colours. You might want to add light layers, like an ankle-length cardigan over a pair of hot shorts and avoid anything heavy for optimum style and comfort.

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tips to surviving fashion week phone

Make your phone more reliable

Running out of phone space can be frustrating! Delete all unwanted apps and transfer all your pictures on your computer for your phone to be the most reliable resource at all times. Carry a portable charger and install the easiest to use photo editing app to make those photos Insta friendly.

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Carry your business cards

Fashion week is not only about having fun but also using your networking skills to the max. Just an introduction is not enough; carry your business cards if you wish to use Fashion Week as a platform to build relationships (and who doesn't?!)

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Fuss free and fabulous

Make sure you look your fabulous best by going for minimal hair and makeup. A layer of foundation or CC cream is just enough and nothing looks as chic as a top knot or open hair. Remember, simple things work the best when you are supposed to look both comfy and stylish.

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