6 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Not ‘The One’

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 04, 2018
6 Signs that your boyfriend is Not ‘The One’
You know when they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince? Turns out, it’s true. But it’s probably too late now, since you’re already in a relationship, trying to convince yourself that your frog will eventually turn into a prince. But can’t be too sure now, can we? If you’re already dreaming of a fairy tale ending but can’t see things working out in your favour, here are a few signs you should be watching out for …

You’re not his priority

You’re constantly fighting

Hanging out with his buds is one thing, but cancelling on you to spend time with them because he knows you'll be available later, whenever it’s convenient for him? That's not okay. Make him realize that you're a priority else you're better off without.


You don’t trust him

You’re constantly fighting

This is a biggie. Trust issues don't necessarily have to be in the context of cheating, but also in knowing that you can count on him when you need him. If he isn't the first person you call when in a difficult situation, or depend on for important things in your life, what is the point of a relationship like this?


You don’t have future plans

You’re constantly fighting

It’s all love and cuddles in the beginning, but where does it go from there? Do you have goals and ambitions that you both talk about? Is he supportive of them or does he judge and underestimate you? You don't need that kind of negative energy, not at such a young age—and especially not from your partner.


You’re not attracted to him

You’re constantly fighting

It was all sparks and fireworks when you two first met. But once that phase is over—comes reality. You realize how you both do not share the same thoughts or agree on the same things, and how little things about him start to annoy you. Major warning signs there, you’re just not that into him anymore.


Your friends don’t like him

You’re constantly fighting

Yes, it is you and him against the world, but these are your best friends who you’ve known longer and who only want the best for you. While you may be blinded, they're not. They can tell if he’s taking you for granted or if he isn't treating you right. Just hear them out.


You’re constantly fighting

You’re constantly fighting

Agreed—fighting is healthy. But not if the fights lead nowhere; starting over trivial issues and getting blown out of proportion. You find yourself bringing up the same issues over and over again because little care was taken in resolving them the last time. Not healthy. You want someone who listens and understands you—not just someone who hears you out.

Now we're not saying that these warning signs cannot be fixed. Communication is the key, and it works both ways. Have a chat with your partner, share your thoughts with him and find mutual grounds to solve your issues. If despite that, things aren't looking up, it's time you looked forward and moved on.

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