6 Things That Could Hamper Your Creativity At Work

Written by Shirley MistryOct 08, 2018
6 things that could hamper your creativity at work
If you consider yourself to be intuitive, intelligent and proactive but still find that you’re doodling in your diary or deleting line after line on a Microsoft Word document, all because your work seems uninspired, this 5-minute read is just what you need. We tell you 6 things that are hampering your creativity at work and what you can do about it!

Too much work!

Being micromanaged

Whether it is seasonal or because there’s a lack of resources in your team or office, excessive workload is a big reason why creativity gets compromised. When you have a laundry list of things to get done every day, it becomes harder to give each task your undivided attention, which is where creativity ceases to bloom. As a result, you end up focussing on getting the job done, instead of giving it your creative best. Talk to your boss and prioritise tasks, or discuss the option of hiring additional resources to reduce your burden.


Not understanding your body

Being micromanaged

Everyone has a time of day they’re most productive and creative during, but if you don’t pay heed to this, you might produce some rather bland work. If your energy peaks during the morning, tackle all the tasks that require your creative juices to be flowing in the morning, instead of replying to emails. Get to that in the afternoon, when the post-lunch lull sets in. Listen to your body, identify your peak creativity periods and align your work accordingly. Trust us, your creative streak will shine through!


Sitting in one place for hours!

Being micromanaged

Everyone needs a break and this holds true for your brain too. If you find that a creative brainstorm session is going nowhere, or that your ideas are far from fresh, take a break. Whether you take a stroll outside, read a chapter of a novel or grab a coffee with a colleague, a break gets your energy flowing and rejuvenates your brain. In turn, this helps you attack the task at hand with a renewed creative focus. Who knows, maybe an inspired idea will strike you as you’re chomping on your sandwich?!


The worry of failing

Being micromanaged

Fear can cripple creativity like no other emotion, and, the fear of failing is the absolute worst. The whole point of a creative idea or approach lies in the fact that hardly anyone else is thinking of, or visualising things the way you are. So, learn to be build confidence in your ideas and voice them. You’ll realise that criticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it pays to trust your instinct. Even if your ideas do get dismissed, it will only fuel you to try harder the next time.


Constant clutter

Being micromanaged

If your work station looks like a war zone, you’re more likely to focus on the dumbbells under your desk or the stack of unread mail that has been quietly multiplying since Monday, rather than the task at hand. Get organised, clear the clutter, and you’ll be far more productive and creative than you’d ever imagined!


Being micromanaged

Being micromanaged

Micromanaging is when your supervisor or boss tries to control or manage every small task that is assigned to you. When you’re constantly stuck in review meetings, it is normal to feel like you aren’t suited for your job, which in turn suppresses your creativity.

If you feel like you’re a victim of micromanaging, speak to your supervisor and work out a system where you have more room to breathe. Sure, periodic check-ins help ensure that your work is on track, but micromanaging is not only a waste of time, it can also be frustrating for you and can cause you to panic. As a result, you will focus on simply get things done, instead of getting them done in the most creative manner possible.

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