The bond between siblings is a special one—one that only you understand and cherish. Growing up together, however, possibly was a total rollercoaster. There were days you fought, days you tattled tailed on each other to your parents, days you stole each other’s stuff. And then there were the other days when you told each other your darkest secrets, were each other’s partners in crime, and just laughed and cried and loved and lived. Such is the relationship between two siblings.

We thought we’d give you a healthy dose of nostalgia with memes you’re sure to relate to if you grew up with a sibling!


Your sibling is your very own personal punching bag. Nobody else is allowed to touch “it”.

mother showers

When your mother showers you some affection, you can’t help but gleefully stick it to your sibling.
“Mom loves me more! ‘And oh guess what, you’re adopted! We found you in a garbage can in a dark alley and decided to take you home.”

borrow all my dresses

You might have just nearly gouged sibling's eye out or nearly ripped out their arm (or their hair perhaps) but hell hath no fury like a mom scorned.
“I’ll let you borrow all my dresses for one whole month if you’d like. But please, no matter what you do, do not tell Mom. She can’t find out I just blinded you!”

Memes You'll Identify with If You Have A Sibling

It's the one time you and your siblings are going to put aside your differences and come together for the greater good.

sibling slave

With great power comes great responsibility--the responsibility to make your sibling slave. You know you can't let a golden opportunity like that simply pass by, now can you?

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring. Or is it?
Here, you can have the teeniest sliver.”

relationship between siblings

When your sister thinks that deep down (really, really, deep down, somewhere in the deep abyss of your cold and tortured soul) that you love her, but only you know what your true feelings are.

The relationship between siblings isn’t like any other. It’s one full of hate, as well as love—it’s an inexplicable one. Sometimes you wish your sibling was never born, but then try to imagine what life would be without them. You can’t, can you?

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