7 Wedding Gift Ideas For A Colleague

Written by Chandni GhoshMay 27, 2019
It’s your colleague’s wedding and while your work relationship might be near about perfect, when it comes to gifts, you are bound to be a tad bit confused. We don’t blame you—you’re not on backslapping terms with your co-worker that you can get into a lingerie store and gift her something sexy. Worse, you probably don’t know them enough to tell what he or she wants. If you’re confused about what to gift your work colleague on his/her wedding day, the ideas listed below might actually help you out…

A floral suitcase

A fancy camera

You might not know her enough but you can tell by her appearance and mannerisms that she’s a complete girlie girl. If you’re planning to chip in with colleagues, try suggesting a floral or bright hued suitcase as her wedding gift. We promise—when she’s lugging her suitcase during her travels, she’ll remember you.


A fitness watch

A fancy camera

If you know that your work colleague is a fitness freak, know that he/she is going to appreciate anything and everything to do with fitness. But if you want to play it safe and still wish to gift him/her a fitness accessory as a wedding gift, look no further than a fitness watch. When she finishes a marathon, she’s going to come and thank you for her watch that supported her all through her run.


A coffee maker

A fancy camera

You couldn’t have missed this even if you’re less observant—your work colleague can’t do without coffee! You can easily get together with your colleagues and gift him/her a coffee maker that’ll totally get him/her excited once they unwrap.


A perfume set

A fancy camera

If you think your work colleague is always smelling good, it’s a no brainer for you—just get him/her a perfume or a set of perfumes. Pick something classic if you don’t know them too well but if you happen to know the kind of perfumes they usually wear, then go right ahead and ask for similar fragrant ones at the stores.


A décor voucher

A fancy camera

If you know that a work colleague has been excited about moving in with his/her partner, gifting the couple a voucher from any one of the fancy décor stores online might be a fabulous idea for a wedding gift. ‘Coz let’s be honest, for someone who’s doing up a new space—he/she will always need additions to their couch, bedroom or kitchen.


Whiskey glasses

A fancy camera

If you know that your soon-to-be married colleague is a whiskey lover, gifting a whiskey glass set might be a wonderful wedding gift idea. You don’t need to be emotionally invested in his/her life to do so—just make sure they have you to thank when they open up their scotch bottle.


A fancy camera

A fancy camera

You already know your colleague is headed to an exotic location for her honeymoon. What better gift than a mini Polaroid camera to help her click cutesy pictures! She’ll have plenty of fun moments and this camera will only help her capture those!

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