8 Essential Job Interview Tips To Help You Get Hired

Written by Sanjana PalecandaOct 04, 2018
8 Essential Job Interview Tips to Help You Get Hired

Job interviews are an integral part of any recruitment process and every potential candidate has to go through it before landing the job of their choice. A strong resume will only get you so far, but eventually it’s the interview that decides your fate so you need to make sure to ace it.

No matter how many interviews you go for, the process never really gets easier. That's probably because every company is different and every interviewer is unique so it is difficult to anticipate what to expect. However there’s no harm in doing your part of the preparation to make sure you at least cover the basics.

If you're on the lookout for a job and feeling anxious about the interview, then here are a few tips to help carry you through:


1. Be On Time

7. Ask questions

Being late for an interview is simply unacceptable. You're looking to make a good first impression and walking in late is only going to hurt your chances of getting the job. In fact, it’s advisable to reach a little early to allow yourself enough time to find the location and also to check your appearance and calm your nerves before you meet the interviewer.

2. Do your homework

Before going for an interview it’s imperative to do your research about the company — its background, prominent work, clients, top level managers etc. It creates a strong first impression when you can tell the interviewer why you want to work for their company while drawing inferences to the organisation’s past success stories. Building a good rapport with your interviewer can really up your chances of getting hired.


3. Be prepared, confident and composed

7. Ask questions

While aesthetics and etiquette are an integral part of making a good impression, ultimately it’s all about substance. Acing a job interview is all about preparation and confidence. You need to know a little about the company in order to be able to answer the interviewer’s questions. You also need to highlight your strengths and competencies to show why you’re suitable for the position. Remember, job interviews are largely about selling yourself as a suitable candidate. But make sure to prepare well and be confident. Refrain from rambling while answering questions or you might just talk yourself out the job.

4. Dress to impress

No matter the corporate culture, dressing for an interview requires a certain amount of thought and sophistication; irrespective of whether it’s a hard-core corporate organisation with a strict formal dress code or a more lenient firm with a casual approach to dressing. Remember, your appearance is a major contributor to your first impression on the interviewer so make sure to dress smart and be well groomed.


5. Watch your attitude…don’t be cocky

7. Ask questions

It’s one thing to be confident in an interview, but totally unacceptable to be cocky. Everybody wants to hire a person that’s confident and has a good presence of mind, but nobody likes a hubristic smart-mouth. Attitude plays a key role in your interview success. You need to maintain a fine balance between confidence, professionalism and modesty.

6. Make sure to listen

An interview is not all about telling your interviewer about yourself and your achievements…it’s also about listening. From the very beginning of the interview, your interviewer will, either directly or indirectly, give you information about the company and the role. You need to pay close attention to these cues so that you know what you're getting into. Moreover, the interviewer might just ask you questions regarding these later on in the interview so you need to be attentive. Good communication skills also include attentive listening and will help shape your candidature in a positive way.


7. Ask questions

7. Ask questions

Towards the end of an interview, your interviewer will always ask if you have any questions. Most people tend to say no here, and that’s where they drop the ball. Obviously, there may be instances where you’ve had a long detailed interview, covered all the topics and there’s genuinely no query left unanswered. But such cases are rare because there’s usually always some or the other topic that’s left unaddressed and that’s what you need to pick up on. Asking questions shows the interviewer that you’ve been paying attention and are genuinely interesting in pursuing a career opportunity with the company. However, make sure the questions are relevant. Don’t ask silly questions just for the sake of it because that might backfire too!

8. Look interested but not desperate

Throughout your interview it’s important to remain calm and confident with a pleasant attitude. You need to look interested in getting the job…but there’s a fine line between keen and desperate. It’s good to be upbeat and enthusiastic, but sometimes you tend to go overboard and that’s where you go wrong. Even if you’re dying to work for the company, get a grip on your emotions and play it cool. Stick to being confident in your capabilities and you're interviewer will definitely see the value in having you on board too!

Keep theses handy tips in mind next time you're going for a job interview and things will surely work out for you.

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