8 Shows We're Looking Forward To This Season

Written by Shirley MistryOct 03, 2018
8 shows we're looking forward to this season

If curling up under a blanket and watching episode after episode of a TV series is your favourite way to unwind, this line-up is for you. Here’s a look at 8 shows that will have you hooked this season.


When: 1st September, 2017

If season 1 and 2 of Narcos left you wanting more, don’t worry, because season 3 is just around the corner. Pablo Escobar—the villian you couldn’t help rooting for—may be long gone, but the chase is far from over. In season 3, Javier Peña swoops in to take down the Cali Cartel, the gang that took centrestage after Escobar was killed.


Game of Thrones


When: 17th July 2017 onwards

On one hand Cersei is looking for revenge, and is ready to take on Daenerys and her army. On the other hand, the Starks, after being stranded from each other for one episode too many, may finally reunite in season 7 of this epic TV show. But, the more important question is: Who’s going to be one step closer to the Iron Throne? Although two episodes of this larger-than-life show are out, the journey has only just begun!


Stranger Things


When: 27th October 2017

Season 1 of Stranger Things blew our minds, so we can’t help but get excited knowing that the stellar cast, including a bunch of incredibly talented kids, are back for season 2. If the trailer—cut to Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller—is anything to go by, Will Byers isn’t done with the Upside-Down. In season 2, the force is stronger and threatens to engulf Hawkins in its sticky, slimy web. And if you’re gutted about Eleven’s journey coming to an end, don’t worry, beause the trailer reveals that she’s not done yet.


Curb Your Enthusiasm


When: 1st October, 2017

Although not much has been revealed about the 9th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it is definitely back after a 6-year hiatus. From the creator of Seinfield, season 9 of this Emmy award-winning show is reported to have 10 episodes. While season 8 ended with Larry David travelling to Paris to be with his children, the first episode of season 9 is going to be all about how he gets scammed by a dating website. If you’ve not seen seasons 1–8, now is a good time to catch up!


The Walking Dead


When: 22nd October, 2017

Along with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Stranger Things, you also have The Walking Dead making a comeback with its 8th season this October. While season 7 of this zombie drama was admittedly a little slow, season 8 seems to have picked up pace. Everyone’s getting their armour on for a battle with the Saviours, Father Gabriel has been captured by Negan and locked with zombies, while Daryl’s still the coolest guy around. There is a fan theory floating around that Rick wakes up and realises that everything up until now has been a dream. But, if you’ve read the comic, you’ll know that it could also be a time leap. Well, there’s only one way to find out!


Jane the Virgin


When: 13th October, 2017

If a rom-com is what your heart wants, settle in, because Jane the Virgin is back with season 4! Season 3’s finale hinted heavily at more babies on the way, Jane possibly getting together with Rafael and a whole lot of twisted plotlines. As Jane gets a sister young enough to be her daughter, things are sure to get awkward, but in the funniest way, of course!


Life Sentence


When: December 2017­–January 2018

If you were upset about Pretty Little Liars coming to an end earlier this year, we’re here to cheer you up. Lucy Hale, who played Aria, is back with Life Sentence, a brand new drama-comedy that premiers late this year or early next year. While the official release date isn’t out yet, the trailer is, and it looks extremely promising. Hale plays Stella, a 20-something who’s lived the past 8 years burdened by cancer, knowing she’s going to die, until her doctor tells her that she’s been cured! She’s already spent the past 8 years living her life to the fullest, so what happens next?




When: October 11th, 2017

Although the first season of Riverdale unravelled how Jason Blossom got murdered, the drama is no where close to being over. Season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off, with Archie’s dad being shot at Pop’s. We love Riverdale for its dark spin on the cheerful Archie comics and can’t wait to see where season 2 goes. Whether it’s unmasking Fred Andrew’s shooter or exploring Archie’s grim side, there’s a lot to look forward to. Also, while season 1 had 13 episodes, season 2 has 22 gritty episodes for you to devour!

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