New year, new resolutions, new habits and a new you! Time to move past the old dating rules. Open your eyes and mind because the world is changing even before you realize it. Join the snap chatting, selfie-happy, bandwagon as it's time to wear your heart on your sleeve. With the month of love just around the corner, ‘tis the perfect time to adapt the new mantra of dating.

make the first move 600x400

Make the first move

Boy meets girl. Falls in love. Goes down on his knees. They live happily ever after.

Leave no space for clichéd love stories in the New year. The tables have turned and bold, independent women of today have no qualms making the first move, just like they have no inhibitions calling the shots at their Friday bar (no pun intended!)

social media is the way 600x400

Social media's the way

Admit it, you love stalking people online as much as we do. With so much to discover about someone, what’s the harm. But if you are a smart stalker you will make sure your social media profiles boast of a happy, pretty, well turned-out individual. Delete the drunk pictures and sob statuses now! Show the world your content side and send out that positive vibe.

dont just type talk 600x40

Don’t just type, talk

While social media is the way, we also urge you to look beyond your smartphone screen every now and then. Resolve not to keep peeking at your phone the next time you're having coffee with someone. Spending time with real people will lead to much more intimate conversations and reduce the connection time.