Prints are being given a run for their money by the debutant doodles as they are now penetrating the stationery and fashion market alike. Doodles are the new kids on the block and are promising contenders to be the next big thing on the art promenade. To tap further into the doodle culture we catch up with illustrator and doodle artist Shamika Kocharekar. Here are some excerpts of our conversation with her.

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Illustrator and graphic designer at Worldwide Media by the day, Kocharekar moonlights as a doodle artist and an art teacher as well. About the current art scenario in India, she explains, “Unfortunately art is very underrated in our country and illustration as a concept is hidden in some corner. But I also think that one of the reasons why art is not given priority is because art in any form is a luxury and in a developing country it's not given the importance it needs. Although when compared to what it used to be, illustration is most definitely growing” she points out.

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On the doodle culture fast catching up, she says “I think doodles are slowly developing in our country and gradually people are getting accustomed to it. Given a few years it is surely going to make big” she asserts confidently.

doodle artist shamika kocharekar art work 430x550

About her range of products and her brand Shamika’s Doodles she says, “Most of my work is impulsive. Whatever I think, I draw. But yes I also think of concepts that would either go well with my style or contradict it in a way that would make it look good. That’s what translates onto all my products” she says. Her doodles, imprinted on a host of products like calendars, t-shirts et al are all up for sale on her blog.

shamika kocharekar art work 430x550

In absolute awe of her products, we quiz her about her style of doodling and the inspiration behind her work. She reveals, “The style that I have developed is children's book illustration but there are a wide range of doodle styles. My inspiration was the talented illustrator Oliver Jeffers who is not just an author and illustrator of children's books but also a fine artist.”

artist shamika kocharekar art work 600x400

“My other favourites are Charles M. Schulz who is the author and illustrator of Peanuts. What I like about him is that he hasn't only developed an illustration style of his own but the whole concept of Peanuts. That how he has given every character (a child) qualities of an adult. Also back then he had the courage to introduce a black character (Frankie) in his strips. That's what I like most about him. He tries to make a difference through his art. A few others that I follow are Jon Burgerman, Jon Klassen, Marta Altes, Gemma Correll, Birgitta Sif, Mark Chambers and many more. If you see their styles they are very distinct” she signs off.