It’s that time of the year again; a time for joy and goodwill, a time for giving and receiving. No matter how old you are, it’s always a thrill finding presents under the Christmas tree, whether its at work or a celebration at home. So this time around, why not extend the Christmas spirit and give a loved one that thrill of receiving a gift under the tree!

If you have a parent, a sibling or a buddy who is obsessed with makeup, beauty tips and grooming, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide of Christmas gift ideas that any beauty lover will be thrilled to beauty receive!

Makeup pouch

Even if your gift receiver have got the best of beauty products at their disposal, they definitely need a place to keep them in. A makeup pouch is an ideal gift with its utilitarian quality while ranging from chic to adorable. Snag a bag that with prints, patterns and designs that you think your receiver will like best.

BB Loves: The Forever 21 Makeup Therapy makeup bag for र 469 from Forever 21

Lip scrub

It’s the need of the day to get puckered during the Christmas season, especially if there is mistletoe around! So clean, hydrated lips are the base to start with, which you can help out with by gifting your receiver a lip scrub. While a store bought one will do the needful, it’s nice to put in a little love with a DIY lip scrub that you can whip up in a jiffy!

Glitter makeup brush set

Every beauty addict loves to add a new brush to their collection. With the twinkling of the Christmas season, add a sparkle to their beauty routine as well. The best way to do that is with a gorgeous glitter makeup brush set that will do the job of blending makeup and look delightful on a vanity dresser.

BB Loves: The Sephora Glitter Happy brush set for र 5638 from Sephora

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Facial Cleansing brush

With the festive season being choc-o-block with events, a party goer needs their break and so does their skin. When you gift a facial cleansing brush, in either a manual or electronic variant, your receiver will be glad to give their skin a break in the midst of the season with a deep cleanse, resulting in a happy, relaxed face.

BB Loves: The Sephora Cleaning Me Softly facial cleansing brush for र 664 from Sephora

Perfume set

As much as looking good is conducive to the festive season, so is smelling great. A perfume set that comprises of a few different fragrances is the right choice for the festive season and the gift receiver, who will be grateful for the numerous scents to tease their senses with for every holiday event they attend.

BB Loves: The Prada Candy Florale Gift set for र 6235 from Sephora

3 must-have lip shades

Every lipstick lover deserves to have the trio of essential lip shades wherever they go; which makes it the perfect gift to give. We’re taking our pick from one of our favorite ranges, the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte, because of its vibrant colour payoff and sculpted matte finish. Choose three essential colours like the shades ‘Burgundy Affair’, ‘Red Rush’ and ‘Pink Me Up’ which are ones that any beauty kit would be glad to have.

BB Loves: The Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte for र 700 each from Jabong

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Scented candle jar

Your loved one may have the beauty products needed to get ready, but do they have the ambience? Give them a helping hand with a scented candle in a jar. It’s warmth and spicy fragrance will be a pleasant boost to any makeup routine.

BB Loves: The Bath & Body Works Tis The Season scented candle for र 2510 from Amazon

Mini hair dryer

There’s no doubt that every beauty lover worth their lipstick has their favorite hair dryer as part of their stash. But when travelling, it’s always nice to have a compact version that’s efficient enough to do the job. That’s why a mini hair dryer is the perfect gift; it’s portable enough to be toted around and does the job of a hair dryer, albeit looking cuter.

BB Loves: The Braun HD 130 Satin Hair Dryer for र 1960 from Amazon

Vanity dresser makeup holder

With all the makeup products, kits and boxes they own, your loved one deserves their beauty obsession to be a wonderful extension of their vanity dresser, not tucked away in a drawer. You can give them that joy by gifting your receiver a makeup holder. It will not only store and protect their products but be a part of the beauty of their vanity table.

BB Loves: The Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer for र 3861 from  Amazon

Image Credits: Demand Ware, Sephora, Valentine Perfume