When it comes to choosing a career in fashion, most people’s choices revolve around being a stylist, writer or editor. That’s because very few people know of the less common yet just-as-cool career options in fashion, such as being a fit model, choreographer or an evangelist. Yes, it sounds slightly bizarre, but these jobs do exist and are more challenging and exciting than you think. Check out what they have to offer.

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Fashion Evangelist

Fashion and beauty brands are hiring specialists to connect their brands with talented bloggers. For example, Tumblr hired Valentine Uhovski, who plans creative and strategic collaborations with highly talented but under-the-radar bloggers. The job involves a lot of planning, researching, PR and social media, as well as attending a lot of high-profile parties to explore new talent in the industry.

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Fit Model

Want to play a role in the designing processes of garments? Be a fit model. Designers use them to measure the drape and test the visual appearance of any new piece. Fit models do everything from runways to commercials, and spend most of their time in factories and studios to ensure smoothness of designing processes from scratch.

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A perfect ramp show isn’t always due to the models who walk so perfectly down the ramp. Their expressions, walk and (sometimes) dance are directed by a fashion choreographer. The choreographer customises the models’ every move as per the requirement, elements, theme and music of the brand, and ensures that all models display a similar attitude. It’s quite a tough job and requires a great deal of people skills as well as a winning attitude, as the success of runway shows and photo shoots depends on the direction and choreography to a great extent.