The world is a better place when we find women wooing us with their brave words and actions. And lately, there have been many such bold girls who have bowled us over with their courage. Take a look at them as we tell you why they’re so special.

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Anushka Sharma

We’re in love with Anushka, both on and off screen. From choosing to not be a mere prop of glamour in her movies to writing an open letter to the media when it was going berserk speculating about her supposed lip surgery, she has some great things to her credit. But recently, the actress was bullied over social media when her beau Virat Kohli underperformed at the World Cup semi finals. After facing some serious bashing, she told the media interviews that it was rather primitive of people to call her a distraction and blame her for his flawed performance.  She stated that she’s not looking for credit nor a beating when he’s playing a match. While other actresses choose to remain tight-lipped about everything, she had the nerve to stand up and fight for herself. Well, this is why you will always be one of our favourite bold girls, Ms. Sharma.

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie recently wrote a piece in the New York Times and boy, did it make us proud or what! Her letter, a brave tale on how she had her ovaries removed due to the fear of cancer, received a great response.  It not only gave hope to women but also brought about a sense of alertness amongst them. While most shudder at the thought of cancer, it takes courage to embrace the condition and openly talk about it. In the letter, she urged women to seek advice and take control of their health – something that most take for granted these days. Take a bow, girl!

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Emma Watson

The more we know about Emma Watson, the more she amazes us. Her gender bias speech at the UN headquarters when she launched the campaign HeForShe completely bowled us over. She spoke at length about how being a feminist does not amount to being a man-hater, which is sadly an assumption that most have today. She even stated how she feels proud of the fact that she is paid on par with her male counterparts. Furthermore, she talked about how men have every right to feel vulnerable and human too! Can we all give our thoughts a makeover now?

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Deepika Padukone

We’re just going to say this – Deepika Padukone, you inspire us in every way. While we were always fans of her screen presence, she recently gave us yet another reason to love her. The girl came out in the open and spoke about battling depression – an ailment not taken as seriously in our society. More often, it is ignored because it is seen as‘ just another phase’ in one’s life. The very fact that a star of her stature had actually chosen to open up about her trying times and stated that like any other ailment, depression too demanded medication, was in itself a very brave move on her part. You go, girl!