Deciding on tying the knot is undoubtedly a big step. But before you get married, you need to indulge in certain things that will help you grow as a person and will also teach you so much about life. So if you’re a bride-to-be, here’s a fun bucket list for you.

bucket list for bride to be vacation 600x400

Take a vacay with your closest friends

You’re going to get awfully busy once you’re married, thanks to the many added responsibilities. So why not go on one grand trip with your girl friends and have the time of your life? Make a fantastic itinerary, pack your bags and go all out to have fun with your best friends on this vacay.

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Travel solo

Travelling alone can be one of the most enriching experiences. It empowers you and helps you understand so much about yourself. And trust us, you need to do this as a single girl. Taking a trip alone can make you see so many facets to yourself. So take off to a destination all by yourself for that one last unforgettable journey alone.

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Be ready to face the storm

Remember that there will be some tough times ahead with your partner. And planning a wedding is some really difficult work - two families, two (or more) ways of thinking, a difference in opinion, budgets and a whole list of other things can lead to that big, bad fight that makes you go “I don’t want to get married!”  Remember, it’s just the stress talking and frankly, a fight pre-wedding will help you gear up for arguments post.

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Forget your fears

Face your biggest fear – pet a snake, go skydiving, do something you never imagined yourself doing. This way, you will know yourself much better. Who knows if you’ll have the time for all this later on in life, right?