The number one criteria employers are assessing you by is work experience. The insight, knowledge, skill, tact and talent you gain on the job is undoubtedly unmatched. And for this very reason, first time job-seekers run into a roadblock that’s hard to surpass. So what exactly do you need to do, fresh out of college, to stand out in the crowd? BeBEAUTIFUL is about you tell you.

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If you’re looking to land that dream job via merit or connections, you’re going to have to perfect your resumé. Your resumé allows you to advocate yourself in a way that reflects your ambition as well as your expertise. The way this piece of paper is presented is the way you will have an opportunity to get through that interview door.

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Identify Your Goals

Before getting started or revising your resumé first ask yourself what your goals are, what kind of a role you’re looking for and what the key skill sets required for that job are. Once you’ve answered those—highlight it in your resumé If you are applying to more than one job, in terms of fields, say marketing and PR for example, make sure your resumé has tailored responses for both fields.

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Emphasizing Your Skill-Set

If there is one thing you want your resumé to accomplish, it’s the fact that you’re the obvious choice for the job. Hence, the needs of your potential employer should be your top priority as you present your expertise and experience. If you’re unsure about how to go about doing this, reach out to someone who is currently working in your desired field or even someone who has the exact job you are looking to seek. Ask them about the key-skills they use efficiently and effectively to complete their day to day tasks and make sure to highlight those points on your resumé. This way, you’ll be letting your future employer know that you have the skill-set to succeed and fulfil the role.

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Order of Events

Whether you attended an Ivy League university or not is irrelevant unless you’re still an undergraduate. Move your educational qualifications to the bottom of your resumé and start with your most recent and current work experience. Also, resist the urge to mention every place you’ve ever worked at. Your resumé needs to tell a coherent story, not than exhaustive list of all the jobs, internships and volunteer projects you’ve done. Keep it crisp, to the point and relevant.

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Back Up Your Word Power

We all use power words in our resumé: responsible, reliable, effective, persistent and so on. What you need to make sure you do, is back that up with reason. What makes you reliable? It is crucial that you provide context. To make your resumé truly stand out make sure you give specific examples that talk of your qualities and make sure your reference attest to these qualities as well.