Our work life revolves around meeting deadlines. And it won’t be wrong to say that our reputation often depends on how we handle deadlines. In a competitive environment, time-management is of utmost importance. Want to know how else you can make sure you win your boss over by adhering to deadlines? Read on.
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Make a note of projects and deadlines

The best way to respect deadlines is by making a list of tasks you need to finish. Make sure you keep checking what’s due next to adhere to deadlines. Use the many apps on your phone and computer effectively and sync your email account to your Google Calendar to keep track of the many commitments you’ve made. Set timely reminders so that you’re aware of what you need to deliver on what date.

Have a start and finish date for each task

Ensure that you work in an organised style and set start and finish dates for each task (for yourself.) This will help you know whether you are running according to schedule or are lagging behind in which case you would know that you should speed up.

Do not overcommit

One of the biggest reasons behind missing deadlines could be that you’re attempting at doing something that you absolutely cannot manage. Be practical about it and say no to your boss if you think you may not be able to handle it. Sometimes, it’s better to do that upfront at the start itself instead of failing at submitting the work and then coming up with excuses.

Ask for help

At times, we might be clueless about a certain task. Don’t shy away from asking questions or taking help from your seniors. Remember that if the concept is cleared to you, you will pick up pace and work smarter and faster.

Reward yourself

After you’ve successfully met with a deadline, give yourself a little treat or a gift. This will provide an incentive and will be a motivating factor to adhere to deadlines.