With the onset of the monsoons, you’ve got to work overtime to germ-proof your personal working space. With a host of illnesses in the air and colleagues falling sick so often, the last thing you’d want is to be yet another victim of this season. Want to know what are the simplest ways to working in a clean environment? BeBEAUTIFUL tells you all about it.

germ proof your personal space hand sanitizer 600x400

Use hand sanitizer

Remember that your desk, no matter how neat, isn’t germ-proof. From gadgets that aren’t cleaned regularly to food particles and other kinds of bacteria that cling onto your desk, your office space could be the reason why you’ve been falling ill often. While it is necessary to clean your laptop and desk area before you begin work, it is equally necessary to use a hand sanitizer every time you return to your desk. Using these or even disinfectant wipes can be a great way to germ-proof your workplace.

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Use tissues

It might be basic manners but employees should absolutely avoid using bare hands while sneezing and coughing, as they are major transmitters of diseases. It is advisable that you keep a box of tissues right by your side at all times so that your colleagues don’t suffer due to your unhygienic habits.

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Use your own coffee mugs/bottles

A germ-proof environment is attained when every worker uses his/her own coffee mug or even bottle and plate. Sharing items like these can spread infections easily and you don’t want to disappoint your boss by calling in sick to work regularly, right? In order to save yourself from such times, make sure you carry your own mug or water bottle from home.

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A strict policy for unwell employees

Make sure your workplace has a strict policy for sick employees. Employees usually work very closely together, and germs can be passed on rather easily when your co-worker is sick. So when employees are unwell, make sure they stay at home till they recover completely.