Your best friend is tying the knot and wedding prep is in full swing. Sure, you’ve been told that on the D-Day you’ve got to be her rock and on fittings day—you’ve got to be ready with a tissue and when she breaks down three days before the wedding you’ve got to be the one to remind her why this marriage is going to work, but let’s face it, your real responsibility lies in these two, little words: Bachelorette Party. And since we’re a little experienced in that department, we’re going to show you how to do it like a pro.

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas scrap book 430x550

Start off with a little bit of sentimentality…

Get all the girlfriends together and build a book. Each girlfriend gets one page, so the more girlies the better. Fill the book with photographs and illustrations of you with the bride, funny quotes, embracing memories, friendship mementos—you know, whatever makes her cringe and laugh and finally tear up a little.

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas dressing 430x550

Dressing the part

Dressing the part for your big night out is all too important—more so for the bride than the entourage. So whether that comes in the form of a bedazzled bra, a jewelled tiara, an embarrassing tee or a tutu—you’ve got to make your bride feel special in more ways than one on her last fling before the ring.

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas cocktails 430x550

Bright, fun and flirtatious cocktails take the lead

Start the night with a batch of bright, fun and flirtatiously strong cocktails to set the mood! Everyone’s going to get excited and ready for the night to come and it’s your responsibility that the bride is sipping on those coloured drinks all night long.

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas plan trip 430x550

The epic getaway

For the most epic bachelorette weekend, you’re going to have to plan a mini getaway—and hopefully to some place with a beach. You want to be able to muster as many whacky memories as possible and that requires an entire weekend of madness. If time or money doesn’t allow you a little getaway, fret not! If you’re sticking to your home for the party you can always make it feel like a big, girly getaway. Find your favourite nearby 5-star hotel and pay the fee to be able to use the pool—all day. You can relax with your gal pals over frozen cocktails and Swedish deep tissue. All the relaxing will wind you up perfectly for the crazy night ahead.

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas drinking games 430x550

Drink a little, laugh a little

Every good party requires planning and this one is no different. From the invites to the favours and even the games—you’re going to have to do a little work before the big night and some of that might include quizzing the groom. A week before the party have the entire entourage come up with embarrassing questions about the couple and send them to the groom to answer. On party night, take turns reading out the questions and have the bride guess his responses, if she gets it wrong she has to sip that big, bright cocktail—if she gets it right, the entire entourage sips!

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas fun cakes 430x550

That fun shaped cake

Every single bachelorette party is incomplete without cakes and other baked goods that come in cringe-worthy, embarrassing and hilarious shapes. Whether it has the torso of the groom plastered on it or whether it’s decorated with little boxer shorts—get creative with this one and make sure the bride gets the first bite!

8 kickass bachelorette party ideas games 430x550

And let the games begin…

Giving all your favourite games a bachelorette twist is where all the fun lies! And one of our favourites is charades. Split your entourage up into two teams and have a bowl full of chits that have the names of ex-BFFs, random hook-ups and old-school crushes of the bride. What is about to ensue is entertainment of the highest quality in its purest form.

8 bachelorette party ideas 430x550

Well actually, there’s only one rule

Trust us ladies when we say this night has the power to make you laugh like you never knew how, bring in the waterworks and create a whole bank of fabulous new memories. None of the logistics matter—the only rule you need to have is to make sure your hearts are fully pumped with excruciating amounts of love for each other and you’re wishing all good things for your bestie in this next chapter of her life and of course, promising to be with her every step of the way. Make sure you grab her alone for a minute and communicate this mad love with her, give her a giant sloppy, intoxicated kiss and have a cracker of a night!