Let’s face it—as we grow older we all spend comparatively less time with our parents which means it is even more important that you grab on to an opportunity like father’s day and make sure you make up for the lost time. This father’s day therefore make every possible effort to make your old man feel loved. Here is listing a few ways in which you can make this father’s day special for the both of you…

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Bake him a cake or make him a meal

More often than not the father is too busy to have every meal at home with the family. So make sure you arrange a special meal with your dad or the entire family this father’s day. Cook him a meal, bake him a cake or book a table and take him out, either way make sure you have a scrumptious meal together (with his favourite whiskey, of course) and spend some quality time with each other.

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Plan the day together

Whatever you do for your father on this day the idea is to spend quality time together. Why not plan the entire father’s day out with him and have all your common favourite activities planned out over the course of the day. He is your father, obviously you two have common interests well this is the perfect time to bond over them. Watch a movie, visit a museum if you so like, go fishing together, watch a play or a musical performance.

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Gift him a pair of running shoes

If your father is a fitness enthusiast then an apt pair of running shoes will be a perfect addition to his fitness kit. And if he is not a fitness enthusiast then the running shoes will serve as perfect inspiration to get him on a fitness regime. Go ahead and get him a branded pair of running shoes that will ensure his health is taken care of.

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Up your father’s fashion quotient

What’s better than styling your father and keeping his style updated? Take him shopping and buy him a stylish pair of stylish cufflinks, sunglasses or a brand new pair of shoes, get him to buy clothes that will renew his style statement and upgrade his entire wardrobe. Adding this new zing to his wardrobe will not only pep up your old man’s life but you will also have given him something new to look forward to each day.

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Get him a gift to encourage a hobby

Surely your father has a hobby. Whether it is history, golf, chess, gardening, music, movies or photography, either way you can definitely buy him a gift that will cater to his field of interest and adds to his precious hobby. While a camera is a precious gift an antique film camera might add to his treasure, a book he has been looking to buy or an office accessory from Frazer and Haws might make an apt father’s day gift.

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Buy him new technology

Most fathers have a thing for technology but might, might not be updated with new technology. This father’s day you can buy him a new set of speakers, a new pen drive or a hard drive, may be even a tablet. This way you will help him organise his work and life at large.