Tradition dictates that your wedding day should be the best day of your life, not the most stressful one—so instead of bogging yourself down with the nitty-gritty details, you need to be focused on having a gala time, enjoying the bubbly and dancing the night away. And while no wedding is complete without a little bit of fretting, we bring you five fabulous hacks that will keep your budget intact while ensuring that the anxiety limits itself to an all-time low. Take a peek and see which hacks work best for you.

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A Monsoon Wedding

Whether you’re a rain-person or not is irrelevant, what’s important is whether or not you take your budget seriously. A monsoon wedding might pose some serious hurdles, like the rain for instance, but remember folks, an off-season wedding will bring your venue rate down, wedding services will be discounted and you’ll also get better deals with your trousseau shopping—simply because you’ll be getting married off-season. It’s a small expense to pay for big rewards. Think about it.

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Street Food Vs. Professional Caterers

Think about some of your all-time favourite food and we bet the list includes chilli chicken, paneer frankies, pani-puri, cheese dosa and the likes. Getting your favourite roadside shacks to cater your wedding functions (even if it’s just one of the functions) will add an element of fun and surprise—while still serving up the food you love and crave. Whether it’s the TIBS stall or whether you’re bringing Ayubs to your wedding, you know that your guests’ tummies will be more than satisfied, plus, you’ll be saving some serious bucks by using street vendors as opposed to a professional caterer.

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Keeping the flowers floating in your centrepieces

Little bowls that hold floral candles make for the prettiest centrepieces that aren’t very heavy on the wallet. But the whole concept goes kaput when the flowers sink in the bowl instead of floating. To ensure they stay above sea-level, use bubble wrap around the base of the flowers and you will have nothing to worry about!

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Stay Away from Dairy

For at least three days before wedding festivities commence, stay away from dairy. Dairy is a natural inflammatory, which means that if you want to de-bloat naturally, you’re going to need to cut this staple out of your daily diet.

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Honeymoon Woes

Whatever you do, don’t google honeymoons while researching honeymoon destinations and activities. As soon as you do that, expect to have your price range drastically increased. Instead ask friends where they went for their honeymoon to find a place that best suits you and your better half and then research hotels and activities as a local rather than as a tourist, let alone a honeymooner. That way, you’ll be staying in budget while enjoying a fantastic getaway.