So while we’re still being ambitious about getting our life (and closet) in shape starting 2015, we thought everyone could use a little help, or a makeover rather, in the garment department. An easy start – here’s our list of the top 5 items that need to find their way out of your cupboard, stat!

items to throw from your closet 600x400

Clothes you hope to fit into
Most of us may hate to admit it but if we really do like something that’s only available in a size smaller, we invariably end up buying it in the hope that our current fitness plan might help us “fit into it” in the near future. While ambition is good, blind faith isn’t. And if, in the case where these I’ll-fit-into-them-soon clothes haven’t been worn in the last six months or more it’s time to cut the cord.

5 items to throw from your closet clothes 600x400

Faded clothing, clothing with holes, any clothing that you’re going to fix ‘soon’
While distressed clothing is a big deal, it work largely only with denims! That rule, in no way, applies to clothes that are familiar with the insides of your washing machine, have been worn all too often, and the ones that require such minor fixing that you’ve been putting off sewing or darning things back in place since… erm… last February. You know it as well as your mum does – the best way to deal with these is to relocate them from your closet to the bin.

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Themed clothing
That gown you wore when you were a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding, the Halloween costume you wish to wear two years from now or anything else that might have been one-time wear (you knew it when you first bought it) needs to find its way out of the closet.

5 items to throw from your closet used clothes 600x400

Used clothes you think you’ll “wear to bed”
If there’s a special universe that all the lost socks go to, the “wear them to bed” universe is where most old T-shirts, track pants and soft-enough trousers go. Incidentally, this happens to be a rogue so gigantic that it might as well be one of top ways to spot a hoarder. We do admit that fabrics get super soft after a lot of wear and washes so it’s quite natural to want to wear them to bed but when the time comes to change for bed, take our word for it, you’ll end up wearing the same sweatshirt you wore a few nights ago – effectively pushing these softies to a bottom of the pile so deep that they won’t even be visible to your eye.

5 items to throw from your wardrobe 600x400

Clothes you haven’t worn in the last 6 months
Chances are that if you haven’t worn something in the last 6 months you either don’t fit into it or you don’t miss wearing it (yes, there is something like that); which only means that it’s occupying space in your cupboard that could actually be taken up by all those new clothes that you really do want to wear.