Let’s get real. He’s just ended it, you’re single and available but would much rather go back to the man you always thought was ‘the one’ than flirt with that cute stranger? We’re going to be your BFF of the moment and tell you why this train of thought is nothing but bad news.
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Comfort zone
Sure you’re feeling a little lonely and he’s the one that you feel comfortable and happy with—but it’s fuzzy moments like these when we seem to forget the heartbreak. Instead of going backwards and falling in the same rut, find things to do and people to surround yourself with that make you feel great without a load of pain to deal with in the aftermath.

Revenge on your mind?
Or maybe you’re not lonely at all, but you remember that horrible degrading feeling when said ex dumped you last month. Now, he’s all mopey and regretting the decision, and even though you don’t feel a pang of pity for him,  you want to date him again just so you can do what he did to you, only with twice the vengeance? As beautifully catty as this may sound, convince yourself otherwise. You have better things to waste your time with, don’t you?

Don’t let history repeat itself
Most importantly, nothing has changed. Time gives a lot of things perspective but it also helps us forget the fights and the issues in the relationship. The truth of the matter is that for whatever reason, things were tough and the relationship got ugly. More likely than not, since then not much has changed. Sure you might have forgiven and forgotten—but once you get back together all those problems are going to come rushing back, and this time hit twice as hard. Instead, make good of the situation, make a friend out of your ex and live your life for no one but you.