5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Single People On Valentine’s Day

Written by Manasi RawalgaonkarFeb 12, 2015
So you’re a hopeless romantic and truly believe that Valentine’s Day is the day for love to manifest itself in all its forms. That’s good for you. However, not everyone buys into this sentiment. Keeping that in mind, here’s our list of 5 things you should NEVER say to all those single people on Valentine’s Day.
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“I’m so happy because I’m not single anymore!”

We get it. You’re happy, you’re in love and the world is an amazing place. And that you and your other half will ride away into the Valentine sunset to your happily ever after. But announcing it to your single friends is only going to make them take it the wrong way, no matter what your tone because you’re (sort of) implying that being single implies being unhappy.

“You’ll meet someone when you aren’t looking and then everything will be fine.”

What implies that just because somebody is single it is due to lack of compulsion? Some people actually enjoy being single and its offensive and annoying to imply that their life would be better if they met someone. Also, unless they specifically complain to you about how their life is in shambles because they have nobody special to share it with, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself.

“Let’s go on a double date!”

Ah, the dreaded DD! First up, it’s V-Day. People want to spend the day and some quality time with their significant other. And if they’re single, they’re probably going to get together with their single girlfriends and have a Galentine’s Day. Double dates are awkward as it is, and with the added pressure of it being Valentine’s Day, they’re a complete no-no!

“Me and my boyfriend… ( insert extravagant Valentine’s Day plans)”

First of all, it’s ‘my boyfriend and I’. Secondly, nobody really cares about what you and your man are going to do this day. Keep bragging about it to anyone and everyone and you’ll definitely end up with the last place in the Miss Congeniality pageant.

“There are plenty of fish in the sea. You need to stop being so picky.”

This one is clearly aimed at the singletons out there. And boy, it’s meant to hurt and annoy! First of all, every single person has heard this clichéd and hollowed out advice and it never fails to irritate. Secondly, just because its Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean they’re going to feel the love in the air and scramble to go fishing. And thirdly, being a part of a happy, secure relationship doesn’t make it right for you to comment on the lack of same for others, capiche?

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