Start your day with a dose of fun and these fabulous five tips and you’ll beat the morning blues in no time.

A great way to beat the morning blues is by listening to your favourite jam while you’re getting dressed for work. Music is a great mood lifter and can do wonders for the rest of your day. So whether it’s The Pappi Song or an Alicia Keys melt-out, hit play and get ready to take the day by storm.


Beat the Monday blues with blueberry muffins. Whip up the batter the night before and pop them in the oven right before you go shower. Once you’re ready to go your muffins are fresh, hot and succulent with the sap of fresh blueberries. Yum! Our mouths are watering just at the thought of this ambrosia-ripe morning remedy.

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If you’re anything like us, you too are allergic to mornings. The one thing that keeps our blues in check is a slow beginning, a tattered book and a new indulgence. Switch out your regular cuppa of caffeine for a refreshing and healthy cup of Lipton Green tea. It stirs up a host of health benefits that your body will thank you for all day long.


If people were really meant to pop out of bed, why not just sleep in toasters, goes the funny saying. And most mornings, we find ourselves endorsing this view. Our pessimism aside, popping out of bed truly is difficult sometimes. From experience, we’ve found slipping into new shoes, cures the blues! Plus it gives us that extra incentive to get out of bed and get on with it.


A brisk jog in the fresh morning air, a 30-minute session of hot yoga or just stretching under the summer sun – getting your dose of vitamin D is all it takes to get you out of that morning slump.