All brides already know about spending time at a spa and doing yoga to de-stress before their wedding day. But there are a few things much closer to home that can score big on the relax-o-meter when it comes to helping brides-to-be chill to the max. Here are four simple ways to keep your stress levels under check before your big day…

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Table for one
With the wedding chaos gathering momentum every day, it’s very easy to lose yourself in the madness. Suddenly, your life is all about lists, planners, guests, makeup artists and everything in between. Give yourself a much needed breather and spend time with yourself. A table for one at your favourite restaurant is a great way to start, you can even visit your fave art gallery or watch a movie by yourself, or even go shopping – anything that will take you back to the things you liked doing before you became a committed bride-to-be.

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Give yourself a big dose of adrenaline
Now this is for the super daring girls although we recommend it for all of you. We’ve all known of brides who do drastic things before their wedding day, so instead of getting a tattoo or a new hair colour, go paragliding or bungee jumping. If the marriage madness is getting you down, there’s nothing better than a strong dose of adrenaline to make you feel invincible (a requirement for every bride), and give you a much-needed boost right back into the thick of the wedding planning.

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Spend time with your family
While it might not quite be the “relaxation” that you called for, but nothing can replace the joy that good ole family time will bring you. Whether it’s all the embarrassing stories about you as a child or about that foiled bid to run away from home when you were a pimply teenager, no one will make you feel as warm, fuzzy and at peace than your family. There’s a certain comfort and calm that comes when you’re surrounded by people who mean the world to you and no amount of spa time can make up for that.

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Back to the basics
When nothing else works (and the people at the spa now know you by your first name), we suggest going back to the basics and doing all the things that make you happy. It could be painting, dancing alone, going for a run or even cleaning up your cupboard and organising things for that matter (yes, we actually know one of those neat freaks.) Whatever rocks your boat, do it a 100 per cent—it’s the perfect way to get your mind away from the wedding chaos.