4 Ways To Boost Your Confidence, Everyday

Written by Team BBSep 20, 2018
How many times a week do you walk out of the door feeling confident? Chances are it’s about one or two times max. Amidst the pressures of striking the prefect work-life balance, the deadlines you won’t meet, being the new overachiever at work and skirt waistlines that don’t cinch the way they used to, there are a ton of things that can bring our confidence crashing down. Here are four easy ways to give it a much needed boost, every single day…

4 ways to boost your confidence baubles 430x550

Dress your best
While everyone will tell you that confidence is an “internal thing” and we don’t debate it one bit, allow us to gently break the simple truth – the better you look, the more confident you’ll feel. By all means, dress for the occasion, but dress to look good for yourself, accentuate your best features and be comfortable enough to take you through the day. So, those few more minutes you spend staring at your wardrobe wondering what to wear are, just FYI, totally A-OK.

We recommend: Power through with a grey pant or skirt suit if you’re wearing formals or a crisp kurta with a Nehru collar if you’re more comfortable in traditional attire.

4 ways to boost your confidence baubles 430x550

Best face forward
While the debate about how much makeup is too much still rages, we’ve cracked a rather simple mantra for when it comes to wearing makeup to work – accentuate your one best feature and make an effort with the others – of course mascara is a given. Wear an extended liner with matte shadow to play up your eyes, or opt for some kohl and wear bold, orange lips to add some colour to the boardroom. Either way, highlight just one feature.

We recommend: The Eyeconic Liner and Curling mascara that will take you from AM to PM.

4 ways to boost your confidence baubles 430x550

Flash your toothiest smile
We know all too well that it can be a gargantuan task to even set your sights on anything other than your laptop when you’ve got one too many deadlines looming large, but take a tip from us and smile your toothiest smile. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference a slight change in expression can bring about. Suddenly, the workload won’t seem as bad, you’ll learn to cut yourself and your co-workers some slack and you’ll get a few more people to smile back at you.

We recommend: The Close Up Diamond Attraction that’s proven to make teeth visibly whiter from the first brush itself.

4 ways to boost your confidence baubles 430x550

Watch your baubles
Of course all of us are allowed to play up our work wardrobe every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that you use Fridays as an excuse to load up on your blingiest baubles. If you’re in the mood to wear accessories to work, keep them classy – we’re implying studs in your ears, a thin gold chain (if you must), a sleek bracelet and a statement watch. You don’t want your brand new statement jewellery distracting a boardroom full of your colleagues now, do you?

We recommend: Diamond studs that are just the right size and with just the right amount of sparkle.

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