When talking about himself and Piglet, Winnie the Pooh once said friendship always has been and always will be that, “Time could change much, but not that.” Taking for granted the most precious people in your lives is a privilege that our relationships get. After all, the most beautiful discovery true friendship makes is that you can grow separately as individuals without necessarily growing apart. But what happens when a third person is thrown into the mix? What happens when that third person suddenly takes your fancy? How then, is the best way you can hang on to your first eternal friend-love without compromising on experiencing the thrill of a new, romantic love?

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For most women, romance is an understandable priority. However, if you reach that stage where you allow it the freedom to consume each and every aspect of your life to the point where you are driving away your other relationships, you might be running into a dash of trouble. If your friends are turning into memories and boyfriend-world is the only thing current on the radar, you’re not only giving up of some beautiful relationships that are only too crucial to your life but you’re also driving your romantic relationship into an inevitable ditch. Focusing all your energy in one cause will only cause dependency to an unhealthy level. Hit next to see the little things you can do to avoid this unpleasant occurrence.

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Start treating your friendship as a long-distance relationship. For the simple reason that while you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re generally doubly aware of the fact that spending time with that person is a rarity so you put in double the effort and think about the small things that makes that person happy. Even sending your bestie a hand-written card telling them that you’re thinking of them will do the trick. Surprising your friends with a random act of thoughtfulness is the kind of attention we all—let’s face it—crave.

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Scheduling your talk-time, though this might sound tedious, will be your biggest asset. Choose a night of the week that works well for you both and make it a point to catch up. Even if you’re just touching base, your same-sex amiga will appreciate the weekly dedication and the effort you are putting to catch her up and most importantly be there for her.

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Initiate plans, whether it’s happy hour or movie night that includes everyone, including your man and your girl. If your friend is single invite more people, whose company she enjoys so she doesn’t feel like she’s merely third-wheeling. Make a big, fun plan that is inclusive of a lot of people as this allows you to spend quality time with your friends and makes your friends happy that you’re sharing your time with him. Win and win!

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Drive down to the nearest hill station, save up for a Koh Samui getaway or fly off to Singapore—whatever the destination might be, take one weekend out in the year and dedicate it to your band of girls. There’s no denying that boys take up most of our time—mental as well as physical, and so even when we do see our core group of girls, more often than not our minds are elsewhere. Which is why a weekend getaway, as romantic as it may sound is the perfect excuse to spend 48 hours or more of quality time where you can pamper each other with showers of attention, hopefully amidst a beach setting, while happily sipping on Pina Coladas together.