4 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 24, 2014
While a host of lifestyle diseases are influenced by genetics and our lifestyle over a span of time, there are certain things you could do to reduce your risk of getting them. Diabetes is one such disease that one has some control over. World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year in November and we learnt that this disease can affect younger people as well. So with an increased number of young folk being diagnosed with this illness, here are a few things you could do to prolong contracting it for as long as possible…

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Watch your weight
When it comes to diabetes, if you can manage your weight, it’s half the job done already. Studies show that even overweight people reduced their risk of developing diabetes when they lost just five per cent of their body weight. An easy way to figure out whether you’re on the right track is to do a full body check-up, find a nutritionist and get an optimal diet plan.

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Work out regularly
Exercise not only keeps your heart rate and weight in check but it also helps your body utilise insulin by increasing insulin receptors in your cells. This in turn, helps transport blood sugar to your cells where can it be converted to energy. While the equation might seem a tad long and convoluted, the point is, you’ve got to keep your limbs busy.

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Eat smart
Since sugar is a defining factor when it comes to diabetes it’s always better to consume it in moderation. Steer clear of the complex carbs and make smarter choices when it comes to your diet – Swap the canned juices with a plate of fresh fruits, the white bread with brown bread, rice with chapatti, include at least one green vegetable into your meals, and eat a salad first so that you don’t end up wolfing down your dinner.

4 ways to reduce risk of diabetes stress 430x550

Ditch the stress
Very few of us know this but stress has a big role to play in the likelihood of getting diabetes. Stress releases hormones that play a critical role in the way that your body will handle sugar. It also affects your blood pressure. That is why patients on the borderline are asked to practice yoga, meditation and certain relaxation techniques to decrease their chances of advancing to full-fledged diabetes.

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