From cradle to grave, the one person that you want to share all your fabulous life experiences with is undoubtedly your best friend. She’s the one that makes the mundane extraordinary and the hard parts of life a little more bearable. But what happens when this equation changes and the lines between friend and frenemies blurs?

We need a best friend more than ever
Recent research shows that we live in a time where our best friend is invaluable to us, much more than it has ever been before. In earlier times, your best friend and closest friends formed a mere period in your life before you got settled in your job or married and started a family. However, in today’s times when none of that is permanent, the need of a best friend is greater than ever.

More girl time available
Furthermore, we live in a time that doesn’t bind us to the kitchen. This means girls nights out, sundowners with your favourite chicas, bachelorette trips, weekend getaways with the ladies and so much more—girlfriends literally take a whole different meaning than they ever did before.

Know when it’s time to break-up
Yet, the rate at which we break-up and make-up with our girlies is at an obnoxious high. Whether it’s the boy you’re seeing, the career you’re eyeing or that pair of shoes that’s on your lust-list, if your bestie would rather have it for her own, you know it’s time to move on to a more real relationship that isn’t built on superficiality. If your best friend seems to be rooting for you to your face but on the side-lines has her own selfish interests at heart, she’s a mistress not a keeper. A good friend should be no different than family and at a time when we all live away from our families, the role your BFF plays should be that of warmth, sincerity and pure love.

Learn to understand who your true friends are and guard them with your life—be possessive or selfish but just do whatever you have too to keep them forever.