When you’re in a job, you have to be ahead in the game. The office can be a rather competitive environment and you have to master various ways in which you can be above the rest and believe it or not, only working hard is not going to be the solution. Want to know how to climb the ladder faster at work? Read on.

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Display your leadership qualities

Establish yourself as someone who can lead, someone who can delegate work and show the right path. Take risks and show that you are good at decision-making. Remember that it is important to make your boss realize that you can work hard as well as take responsibility for an entire team.

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Make a note of your accomplishments

It is imperative to keep a note of all our accomplishments. At the end of the week, make a list of all the tasks you’ve done satisfactorily or a good job of during the week. This list will ensure that you have a number of topics to talk about during appraisal. Remember that even though your boss keeps a tab on your work, he/she may forget some of the jobs you’ve excelled in. Hence, having a list ready would help you get a promotion and a good hike.

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Get noticed with great ideas or approaches

If there’s a meeting scheduled, ideate and come up with things that others may not have thought about. Try to be different from the rest, stay away from run-of-the-mill ideas or approaches and solutions that everyone can think about. You’ll instantly get noticed as the person who can think ahead and come up with solutions.

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It’s important to open up and make yourself known to people. Remember that knowing the right people can make you rise up and achieve your goals. Make sure you attend official dinners, professional events and put ample amount of effort in getting to know people who will help you get ahead in your career.

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Stay away from gossip

Unnecessary office politics and gossip sessions at work have a bad effect on productivity. Remember that indulging in gossip will paint a negative picture of you in your boss’s mind. So the best thing to do is let your work do the talking.