We’ve often had the excitement of fresh footwear spoiled by a painful shoe bite. What’s worse, our shoes get old and frayed, but these blisters show no sign of fading away. When it comes to feet, shoe bites are real nasties. Many bites and tearful experiences but we’ve found a sack of unbeatable ways to keep your feet free of shoe bites. Read on to get the scoop.

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Avoid shoes with excessively tight buckles and laces. Look for fits that are snug without causing discomfort. Buy quality shoes—the cheap ones are easy on your wallet but hard on your skin.

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Identify areas most prone to cuts, such as toes and the skin behind the ankles. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on these areas and lightly powder them as well. Trying walking less on the first few days and slip them out whenever possible.

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Here’s a tip for your shoes to keep painful cuts at bay. Line your new footwear with a layer of castor oil. It softens the hard edges and keeps the shoe from biting into your skin.

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Fix a band aid right before you’re about to inaugurate your new footwear. Camouflage it behind your shoes straps and you will be free of scars.

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Aloe vera helps soothe burning blisters while cocoa butter can avoid any ugly marks that shoe bites inevitably leave. Wait for a few days before getting a pedicure or scrubbing your feet, but do apply coconut oil or antiseptic lotion on the area. Don’t wear footwear that comes in contact with the blemishes.

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Shoe bites cease after a couple of wears, but for many (including yours truly) a new scar is waiting to happen whenever you wear any footwear after a long hiatus. Wear your darling slippers and high heels often and shoe bites will be a thing of the past.