Everyone has a signature scent, just like a unique personality type. Wonder what yours is? Or are you perhaps considering changing yours? It’s just about finding the right scent that blends awesomely well with your mood, style and vibe, so much so that it could become a part of your identity with people recognizing it’s you based on your scent.

How you smell is an extension of your personality. The scent needs to compliment your natural fragrance (yep, we all have one) and appease your senses. Every scent smells different on your skin, because once you spray it on, different notes of the perfume open up over time. It’s your body heat, causing all that drama!

And scents have top notes, middle notes and base notes made up of the various ones that we’ve already listed. They open up, one after another.

But despite all this, we admit, that can be a tad difficult!

That’s why, gentlemen, we’ve put together a short guide to help you find your signature scent… ­­

Here’s what you need to consider, before choosing your signature scent

Before choosing the fragrance that makes you go “hmm, this is it,” you’ve got to know that scents are classified into different types. Oh yeah, there’s a guide to this. And here’s the common, simple list for you:


1. Citrus scents

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These are the simpler ones of the lot and are easier to figure out. When you think citrus, think oranges, sweet lime, lemons and such. Now you won’t smell like a fruit! This could just be the base note of your perfume.

2. Rustic scents

They have grassy, hay-like fresh notes. They are subtle and super refreshing!


3. Spicy scents

3. Spicy scents

Fragrance notes of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg fall under this category. Now now, do watch out. These spicy notes aren’t for everyone! They are sharp and rather distinct and usually popular with the older folk.

4. Aquatic scents

Think of oceans and the sea. These are marine, airy notes, very interesting for a chilled out vibe. Many men prefer to use these on an everyday basis.


5. Aromatic scents

5. Aromatic scents

These scents are all about herbs, grass, or rooty notes. Think rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender. No, you won’t smell like a herb garden! But you will smell fresh, green and woodsy.

6. Woody scents

Now these, like the citrus scents, are usually the top notes in a perfume. They are the woody, resin- and incense-like scents. They are distinct, but not too sharp.


7. Floral scents

7. Floral scents

Yes, there are floral notes in men’s fragrances as well! Don’t begin rolling your eyes now! They are not the dainty kinds, but are rugged and pleasant. The classic floral musk has a sweet, woody note in fact.

So go on, spray the floral, citrus, and woody scents and keep sniffing your wrists every half an hour, for up to five hours, if you can. If not, wait for an hour maybe, and see how the scent you initially liked, smells after. If it’s just as pleasant, you’ll know it.

And that’s how you find the perfect signature scent of yours! It’s the one that makes you grin and go “Damn, this is it!”