“It’s over!”—now that’s a phrase sure to cause infinite turmoil and a craving for copious amounts of consolation champagne, isn’t it? At some point or another, we’ve all been in that place of heart-wrenching rejection, and most of us have never really gotten over it. And if it’s a recent occurrence, you’re not going to be in a very good place. We tell you how to get that broken heart right back on track.
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It’s time to move on…
Remember that moving on does not mean that you are giving up. It simply means that you are making a choice to be happy rather than hurt. The number one step to recovery is accepting how you are feeling and being able to share those feelings. Whether it’s your soul-sister, mother, mentor or best friend—whoever that person is that you can confide in, find them and talk to them. Being able to talk to someone you trust, is instantly going to make you feel more secure and inherently you’ll feel better about yourself.

Get your emotions out
Breaking up is never easy and it comes with its share of pent-up emotions. The healthiest way of dealing with those emotions is being able to express them. Whether that means having a palpating break-down or crying in front of the mirror, indulge in the moment and let your feelings out. If anything, the therapeutic nature of the act will give you comfort.

Get out of bed
Finally, take good care of yourself, engage in activities that you normally enjoy, give yourself time to release grudges, go out with friend and family and find a hobby. Remember, that forgiving that person is your gift to them and moving on is your gift to yourself.